About Us

About Us

About Our History

 Agung Sedayu Group was established in 1971 as a building contractor in Jakarta and developed fairly fast because of its quality and credibility. In 2004, Agung Sedayu Group with Salim Group launched a prestigious mega project area in North Jakarta. This area is now known as Pantai Indah Kapuk. Pantai Indah Kapuk is an area developed by Agung Sedayu Group to be an iconic area in North Jakarta. 

PIK 2 is Geographically located in North Jakarta, which was an area of rice fields and embankments by the sea. Tahang River flows through PIK 2. Agung Sedayu Group and Salim Group formulated the latest concept and cooperated with DDG international consultant from USA to create an independent area with superior facilities as well as sustainable nature.

After the planning time, in 2016 we proudly present PIK 2 as our masterpiece with a concept that never existed before in Jakarta. This is the proof of our dedication to present unusual properties that will always be worth the investment.

Our Milestone


Agung Sedayu Group planned to build a new area extension from BGM PIK and Golf Island. Started the planning by inviting International Consultants such as DDG and Townland for the best concept plans. In addition to architectural planning, we also partner with  several leading consultants such as Witteven boss (consultant Embankment). At that moment, there was still no official name for the project, commonly referred to Kosambi or Kospark projects.


In January 2014, the project is named Agung Sedayu Indo City or in short, ASIC. At that time, the consultant eventually selected to develop the concept is DDG from USA.

In March 2014, the name is changed to Indo Agung Sedayu City. The concept for IASC is also more elaborate  with white sand beach, promenade, beach club, CBD with the largest mall and others.  The name of Indo Agung Sedayu City project was finally shortened to Sedayu Indo City.


PIK 2 site project was in preparation stage, geomatrass placement and land fill phase has also started.

After going through several considerations regarding the access to SIC, it  will go through the island of Golf Island and Riverwalk. As SIC access is very close to BGM PIK, this area is branded with the name of Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 or PIK 2.


In the second quarter, we re-launched Tokyo Riverside Apartment which sold 2000 units in 1 day. Surely this is a proof of public trust towards Agung Sedayu Group. New products being marketed at PIK 2 was Big Box Commercial. This lot is developed into business disctrict for various office use, Hotel, or small-scale Apartments. The land fill phase began in April 2016. The new developer lot  starting from 1 Ha is the prime product in PIK 2.


PIK 2 was launched and became a phenomenon in Jakarta. Property business conditions was not exciting that year, but PIK 2 sales were a huge success: selling 2000 housing units in just 2 months. In early 2017, Osaka Riverview was launched. The attractive concept of this apartment make this particular product popular and immediately became great success in sales.