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PIK 2 Brochure - Soho Manhattan & Soho Wallstreet

Soho Manhattan & Soho Wallstreet

PIK 2 Brochure - Brooklyn Avenue

Brooklyn Avenue

Business center area in the most strategic location

PIK 2 Brochure - Wallstreet Center

Wallstreet Center

The new business area in PIK 2 with Times New York and CBD Melbourne concept

PIK 2 Brochure - Big Box Commercial & Kavling Developer

Big Box Commercial & Kavling Developer

Land provided for developer commercial needs

PIK 2 Brochure - Osaka Shophouse

Osaka Shophouse

Shophouse to fulfill Osaka Riverview residents' needs

PIK 2 Brochure - Shibuya Shophouse

Shibuya Shophouse

Shophouse to fulfill Tokyo Riverside residents' needs

PIK 2 Brochure - Manhattan Residence

Manhattan Residence

PIK2 presents cluster Manhattan Residence as the best exclusive house

PIK 2 Brochure - Cluster Arcadia

Cluster Arcadia

Cluster dengan konsep rumah 3 lantai pertama di PIK 2

PIK 2 Brochure - Cluster Miami

Cluster Miami

Cluster with lakeside concept in PIK 2 area

PIK 2 Brochure - Cluster Hawaii

Cluster Hawaii

The 1st strategic cluster located in Residential phase 2

PIK 2 Brochure - Ishikawa Tower

Ishikawa Tower

Apartment with smart living, equipped with smart home devices

PIK 2 Brochure - Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

Exclusive apartment with the most luxurious tower in Tokyo Riverside Apartment area

PIK 2 Brochure - Tokyo Riverside

Tokyo Riverside

Modern living in North Jakarta with integrated location and equipped with public facilities

PIK 2 Brochure - Osaka Riverview

Osaka Riverview

New urban homes for millennial lifestyle