Project Description

Millennial shop‐houses is located at the main boulevard of millennial area. Millennial shop‐houses can
be functioned as convenience store, clinic, saloon, restaurant/café, working space, courses space, and so
other businesses which are guaranteed of potential. Located in the gold region which potentially to be
the main choice of investment. Moreover, because this Millennial Shop‐houses is in the PIK2 Mega
Project –The exclusive project in Indonesia.
The number of occupancy is predicted to 600 thousand people, surrounded by 20 thousand residential
units, 120 thousand apartment units, and continues to grow.

Site Plan & Location
Available units
Rukan Milenial 4.5 x 12
Floor Area 0 m²
Rukan Milenial 5 x 12 - HOEK
Floor Area 0 m²
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