Project Description

Agung Sedayu presents shophouses around Osaka Riverview Apartment to fulfill the needs of PIK 2 residents. The shophouse complex is filled with a green and lake view concept including Osaka Marketplace, Tempozan, Tempozan Promenade, and Osaka Mixed-use.

Site Plan & Location
Available units
Osaka Marketplace

Osaka Marketplace is the only 2 faces shophouse concept with 20m long, facing 40,000 potential Osaka Riverview Apartment residents and Boulevard Street.

Floor Area 0 m²

Tempozan shophouse is a pedestrian and night market concept that is changed to car-free are, filled with event and bazaar at night.

Floor Area 0 m²
Tempozan Promenade

Tempozan Promenade is a 2 faces concept, facing citywalk and thematic lake that is fit for café and restaurants.

Floor Area 0 m²
Osaka Mixed-use

Osaka Mixed-use type is the newest shophouse that can be rented per floor for 3 different business.

Floor Area 0 m²
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