Project Description

Wallstreet Center PIK 2 is a business area adapting Times Square New York and Melbourne CBD concept. Wallstreet Center is an integrated commercial area, consist of various tenants such as Furniture Center, Lighting Center, Fashion and Garment Center, Car Showroom Center, Building Material Center, and Factory Outlet. This area is equipped with a pedestrian bridge and wide on a ground pedestrian that supports business activities, also located across the biggest Mall and 7.8-acre water canal with water dancing fountain similar as in Dubai and Las Vegas. This area is also equipped with Fortune Plaza and Alfresco Dining.

Site Plan & Location
Available units
Wallstreet 400m2

Business area with land of development, plots with 8-story buildings and Soho which is very strategically located, located right in front of the Mall flanked by 2 world-famous hotels and directly connected to the Toll interchange. The available plots range from 350 m2, 400 m2, and 450 m2.

Floor Area 0 m²
Wallstreet 0 Boundary Line

A business area that adapts the CBD concept from Time Square New York and Melbourne CBD with no building boundary line, where there are no restrictions whatsoever between the building and its surroundings. Buildings can be maximized with the existing lot size. The available lot size starts from 1200 m2 - 3000 m2.

Floor Area 0 m²
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